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文: 阳狮广告 | 北京G4 找创意总监+资深创意文案
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创意总监 / Creative Director (Copy-based)
Major Responsibilities
Able to translate strategy into big ideas that can work across various mediums
Can sell in big ideas by inspiring a senior client group and motivating internally and externally
Responsible for developing the role into a Brand Guardian, bringing inspiration and ambition to the creative and client teams
Continually drive leading edge creativity
Contribute to the content of the proposal and sign off budget and project plan
Translate the client brief and develop strategy to produce the creative brief
Create high quality design to inspire team and clients
Attend client briefings
Ensure all work is accurately filed and documented
Construct and deliver internal initiatives to help develop the Brand Union’s culture
Sign off all creative work presented to the client
Present creative work to the client
Oversee project estimates, targets and profitability
Digital experience highly preferred

Qualifications and Requirements
Digital experience highly preferred
University/College and experience in a similar role, at a similar level in Design/Creative environment
8 to 10 years related work experience with design/ creative qualification
Excellent design knowledge in appropriate areas
Ability to storyboard or translate ideas to designers and develop innovative motion graphics solutions
Excellent knowledge of emerging trends in design
Good knowledge of experience design, brand development, interactive commerce and creative process
Ability to lead projects from concept to completion
Proven leadership ability

资深创意文案 / Senior Copywriter
Major Responsibilities

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