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著名品牌咨询公司 Siegel+Gale 寻 Design Director(设计总监)-AD110·aLife
文: 著名品牌咨询公司 Siegel+Gale 寻 Design Director(设计总监)
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Design Director

Siegel+Gale is the simplicity company. We seek it, defend it, and embrace it in everything we do to help brands reach their true potential. Simplicity is the centerpiece of the strategies we develop that reveal the unique truths of an organization, the engaging stories we create that connect brands with their audiences, and the meaningful experiences we deliver that are both unexpectedly fresh and remarkably clear.

Since 1969, Siegel+Gale has championed simplicity for leading corporations, nonprofits and government organizations worldwide. We have offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Hamburg, Riyadh, Dubai, and Shanghai, but we’re willing to fly just about anywhere. We’re also not alone. As part of Diversified Agency Services, a division of Omnicom Group Inc., we have strong partners all around the world.

At Siegel+Gale, you’ll put your skills to work by helping us create experiences that delight and engage consumers for some of the most well-known brands in the world. We work in all the spaces and places people interact with an organization—internally and externally—through print, online, mobile, tablet and physical spaces. We believe that individual interactions, even the most fleeting ones, matter just as much as the overall experience—and the strategies we develop reflect that. Are you nodding your head, wondering why you’re not already working here? Then you should be a Design Director at Siegel+Gale.

As a Design Director at Siegel+Gale, you will:
* Partner with Creative Directors, the strategy team, and strategic partners to define and translate strategies into creative concepts
* Lead group brainstorming/concept development sessions
* Lead and inspire creative team to develop innovative design solutions, from broad concept development through implementation
* Provide clear constructive direction on content and design solutions
* Lead creative team and production team to ensure feasibility of design solutions and articulate design principles and guidelines for implementation
* Provide strategic, innovative insights for the development of client deliverables
* Drive improvement, efficiency and effectiveness into all methodologies and deliverables
* Be accountable for project profitability with Account Management
* Lead client presentations
* Maintain client contact in area of expertise
* Lead portions of new business presentations as a subject matter expert
* Define and lead cross-practice and cross-office initiatives
* Lead group ideation sessions
* Oversee quality of concepts across multiple project teams simultaneously
* Define criteria for assessing concepts/project deliverables and solutions
* Inspire and drive team to break through solutions
* Contribute to firm-building activities
* Proactively participates in knowledge sharing efforts
* Suggest new methods and techniques to improve our practice
* Proactively maintain expertise in design software packages
* Conduct appraisals and career development

You’re a great fit for this position if you have:
* 6-8 or more years of relevant work experience
* An undergraduate degree or advanced degree preferred
* Mastery of basic design principles including typography, line, form, color, pattern, contrast, scale, weight, etc.
* Mastery in applying the principles of identity and visual system design across multiple touch points
* Proficiency in creative direction in 4 or more specific areas:
* Information design
* Data visualization
* Data charting
* Iconography
* Information architecture
* Wireframe template development
* Document analysis
* Simplification
* Interaction design
* Animation and motion graphics
* Video storyboarding, production and editing
* Design for web
* Design for mobile applications
* Type design
* Environmental and exhibit design
* 3-D design and packaging
* Basic technical specifications and production methods
* Fluency in Mandarin is a plus

Please email your resume to with the subject “Apply for Design Director”.



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